Eric Arder
Status Dead
Gender Male
Age 31
Hair Color Red
Occupation Superior Sports manager (pre-apocalypse)
Leader of Victoria (post-apocalypse)
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Relationships Melinda Arder - Ex-wife
Brie Oberson - Former lover
First Appearance Issue 1
Last Appearance Issue 78
Cause of Death Devoured by rotters.
Lifespan #1 to #78
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Eric Arder is a main character in Life After Death and a survivor of the zombie outbreak introduced in Issue 1. He was the manager of the Superior Sports in East Hills Mall, but after being locked in the mall by the military for their protection and forced to break free to escape the collapsing city of Preston and losing his wife, Melinda, Eric becomes the leader of a ragtag group of survivors.

He is a determined and honorable man and does whatever he can to protect his group, excluding killing other people, an act he detests. On several different occasions, Eric has doubted his ability to lead, but is usually reassured by his closest friends, Brie Oberson and his right-hand man Paul Dodson. Aside from Brie and Paul, Eric has a circle of other allies that he often relies on; namely Andre Richards, Morgan Weber, and Dolph Gunn.

Eric leads his group to the safe-zone of Hammond not long after the start of the outbreak. However, upon arriving and discovering that the community is a ghost town, his group is attacked and forced to flee the area by Alvin Harrison. After months of traveling, Eric and his group come across another group of survivors that take them to a walled off community in the center of a city called Victoria, led by a man named Bruce Whiting. Eric quickly distrusts the man, and devotes his time at the community to trying to expose Bruce for the monster he thinks he is.




Killed ByEdit

  • Himself (Caused)
  • Zombies

After cornering Bruce Whiting in a walled off alley and brutally beating him to death, Eric turns around to find that he has been trapped by the horde of rotters that invaded the community. With no way to escape, Eric fumbles with Melinda's bracelet, closes his eyes, and waits for the rotters to advance and devour him alive.

Killed VictimsEdit


Melinda ArderEdit

Brie ObersonEdit

Brie is one of Eric's closest friends and is the person he confides in the most with his feelings and struggles.

Paul DodsonEdit

Paul is one of Eric's closest friends and generally acts as his right-hand man. Paul is the first person to vouch for Eric's position as leadership, and encourages him to maintain the role through the hardships that he faces.

Emily JohnsonEdit

Dolph GunnEdit

Gregory NortonEdit

Andre RichardsEdit

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Morgan WeberEdit


Bill ObersonEdit

Justin WhitingEdit

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