Status Dead
Gender Male
Age Early to mid 40s
Hair Color Black
Occupation Unknown
Ethnicity African-American
Relationships Unknown
First Appearance Issue 37
Last Appearance Issue 78
Lifespan Issue 37 to roughly Issue 78

Peter is a supporting character in Life After Death, a former antagonist, and a survivor of the zombie outbreak introduced in Issue 37. He is one of Bruce Whiting's enforcers and, alongside Winston, does most of the dirty work in Victoria. However, unlike Winston, Peter has conflicted feelings about his actions, and when Bruce becomes imprisoned by Eric Arder, he begins to turn over a new leaf and become a more helpful person.




Killed ByEdit

Eric Arder manages to piece together Jane's death and comes to the conclusion that Peter is the one who killed her. During the rotter invasion at Victoria, Eric tells Steve about this revelation before going off in pursuit of Bruce. Enraged, Steve manages to find Peter, who is trying his best to fend off the community from rotters, and tackles him. They have a short fight, but before Peter can reveal what truly happened, Steve manages to wrap his hands around Peter's neck and snap it.

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Steven MathisenEdit

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